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Marriage Migrants Counseling centers

Marriage abuse/scam counseling

Marriage abuse/scam phone counseling (02-333-1311)

Marriage abuse/scam phone counseling provides professional counseling services on international marriage abuse and scams, and information on international marriages.

  • Eligible applicants
    Victims of international marriage abuse/scams and their families, candidates for international marriage, organizations related to international marriages and multicultural families, etc.
  • Phone counseling
  • Counseling hours
    09:00–18:00 on weekdays (excluding weekends and public holidays)

    ※ Lunch break: 12:00~13:00

  • Counseling topics
    • Introduction and provision of information on dealing with abuse and scams by type of damage
    • Introduction and links to victim relief institutions
    • Provision of information on international marriages
    • Analysis of international marriage abuse/scams and management of counseling statistics
  • Counseling Process
    • ① Initial counseling of a victim of international marriage scam on 02-333-1311
    • ② Identification of needs of the victim and analysis of relief measures.
      - International marriage brokerage scam : Contact dispute settlement, Compensation for losses
      - Spouse-related damages : Criminal penalty
      - Other : Marriage annulment
    • ③ Expert Consulting (Korea Consumer Agency, Korea Legal Aid Corporation, Korea Legal Aid Center for Family Relations, Police, Korea Immigration Service)
    • ④ Information on marriage scam relief
    • ⑤Call-back or direct handling of cases