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Youth support

The following programs are designed to support migrant youths (North Korean defectors, children of migrants, and children of multicultural families) to improve their learning abilities and occupational competencies for settlement in Korea.

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Rainbow Youth Center of the Migrant Youth Foundation

The Rainbow Youth Center of the Migrant Youth Foundation is a specialized organization that supports youth from multicultural backgrounds (North Korean defectors, children of married immigrants, and children of multicultural families) in accordance with Article 18 of the Juvenile Welfare Support Act.

  • Customized information services
    • Information on residence, settlement, education, career paths, and lives of youth from multicultural backgrounds
    • Activity programs such as Rainbow School and support connecting with other organizations
    • Guidance on career paths and higher education, and support connecting with psychological and emotional counseling services
  • Education for support in the early period of immigration Rainbow School
    • Commissioned operation at 26 organizations in 16 regions, including Seoul and Gyeonggi (as of 2019, direct and consignment operation)
    • Support for Korean language education, special skills development, social and cultural programs and psychological programs for youth from multicultural backgrounds
    • Operation of full-day programs, winter schools, summer schools and weekend and night programs
    • ※ Programs operated vary by organization.
  • Program for career development,
    Rainbow Job!,
    Catch Tomorrow
    • Commissioned operation at 5 organizations in Seoul and Gyeonggi (as of 2019, direct and consignment operation)
    • Career path development and career experience program for immigrant youth who need career development support(Rainbow Job)
    • Programs for immigrant youth who wants to acquire vocational certificates and training (Catch Tomorrow) (Ex) barista, make-up artist, etc.
  • Program for integrated counseling and family integration
    • Online, offline, and visiting counseling services
    • Customized counseling services and interpretation and translation services
    • Group counseling sessions to improve the self-esteem of children of married immigrants, “Job Magnifier”
  • Program for skills building
    • Mentoring for psychological, emotional support and improvement of learning abilities of youth with immigrant backgrounds
    • Operation of camps to promote interaction between children of married immigrants and Korean children (Three-day camp to be held in August 2019)
  • Improving the awareness of multicultural families (Program to enhance multicultural sensitivity)
    • Programs to enhance the multicultural sensitivity of youth (from 4th to 6th graders of elementary schools and all graders of middle schools)
    • Supports visiting education by sending professional instructors
  • Counseling and psychological therapy project(多talk茶talk)
    • Psychological and emotional support and healthcare support for children of married immigrants
    • KRW 1.2 million of financial support per child for psychological therap
      Financial support for psychological therapy will be provided following an application and review.
  • Rainbow Project
    • Volunteer activities and financial support for youth requiring social care including immigrant youth
    • Financial assistance for education of up to KRW 3.6 million per child
      Financial support for education will be provided following an application and review.
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International youth exchange

The Korean government provides youth with various international opportunities and encourages multicultural families to participate in these programs.

  • Programs
    International Youth Exchange
    • Qualifications : Youth between the ages of 16 and 24
    • Duration : About ten days
    • Contents : Improving the ability of youth to understand foreign cultures through exchanges with youth from 36 contracted countries, promoting youth policies of countries of exchange and cultural experiences
    ‘Overseas Youth Volunteer Group ‘Drift into Dreams and Love’
    • Qualifications : Youth between the ages of 15 and 20
    • Duration : About ten days
    • Contents : Helping to realize the potential of youth and reinforce their global competencies through overseas volunteer activities
    • * Operating specialized programs for low-income youth

    ‘International Conference & Event Participation Group ‘Encouraging Youth to Become Global leaders’
    • Qualifications : Youth between the ages of 16 and 24
    • Duration : About ten days (Varies by conference)
    • Contents : Acting as representatives of Korea at international conferences and conventions, including the 3rd Committee of the United Nations, and having discussions and exchanges with youth representatives from foreign countries

    ※ For details, please refer to the International Youth Exchange Network website(

  • Preferential Treatment for Multicultural Families
    Preferences are given to multicultural youth when selecting participants.
    • - When participating in international youth exchanges, youths who apply to go to the countries of their parents will get additional points
    • - Encourage multicultural children to participate in international exchanges by providing financial support
    • ※ Round-trip airfare, traveller’s insurance premium, daily travel expenses and payment for the release of visa are all given financial free (however, local transportation fee should be paid personally)
  • How to apply
    • ① Check public announcements posted on the following websites
    • - Ministry of Gender Equality and Family(
    • - International Youth Exchange Network((
    • ② Sign up for the International Youth Exchange Network
    • ③ Online application: Youths from multicultural family must submit their certificate of family relation

※ Please note that information contained within this publication is current as of April 2019; information is subject to change without notice.