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Family/Multiculture Support Service

Family/Multiculture Support Service

Families of all types, multicultural families included, are provided with a one-stop service in their native language. Application for all types of family/multiculture support services, issue of certificates, information on related services and facilities, and more are included.

  • Who is it for?
    Multicultural families and families of all types
  • Provided support
    Application for all types of family/multiculture support services
    • Family Center support service: Families are provided with education, counseling, and cultural programs to foster and maintain strong family relations.
    • Language development support service: Language development of children from multicultural families is assessed, and language development support is provided to children who have difficulty communicating.
    • In-home education service: A specialist makes home visits to multicultural families unable to make it to a Family Center to provide Korean language education, parental education, and children’s welfare service.
    • Interpretation/translation service for marriage immigrants: New marriage immigrants in Korea are provided with interpretation and translation service to help them settle in.
    • Whole family care service: A case manager working with vulnerable and at-risk families helps resolve complex issues and meet their needs to restore family function and strengthen emotional and economic self-reliance.
    • Family counseling service: Family counseling is provided to resolve various issues that can affect families at different stages of family development, including issues experienced between parents and children and between couples.
    • Digital competency enhancement training (Digital Learning Center): Training in the constantly evolving digital technology is provided to anyone interested in an online or in-person setting. Learners become familiar with everyday digital technology and how AI is shaping today’s world.
    Certificate Issue Service
    • Vaccine certificates, alien registration certificates and other certificates are issued
    Related services
    • Families are provided with useful information including pregnancy, birth, and childrearing support
    Find a support facility
    • Find a Family Center, Digital Learning Center, Multicultural Family Support Center, and other support facilities on a map
  • How to Proceed
    Visit the Government 24 website and select Civil Service > One-stop Service > Family/Multiculture Support Service. Available in Korean, English, Chinese, and Vietnamese.Open Website

※ Please note that information contained within this publication is current as of April 2024; information is subject to change without notice.